Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds

When the fireman Kim Ja-hong dies during a rescue operation in a fire in a building, his guardians Kangrim, Haewonmaek and Dukchoon guide him to the afterlife. They explain that they will defend him in seven trials with seven gods in seven hells along forty-nine days to disclose how he spent his life. Ja-hong, who is considered a model citizen, will reincarnate if his guardians are well-succeeded in their defense. However, there are disturbances in the afterlife caused by a Revengeful Spirit and Kangrim goes to the World of the Living to investigate what is happening. Meanwhile the prosecutors find problems in the relationship of Ja-hong and his mother and brother and Haewonmaek and Dukchoon are surprised by the discoveries. Will Ja-hong's soul be saved?

Duration: 139 min

Quality: HDRip

Release: 2017

IMDb: 7.4